Antikörper Hybrid Moments

ByteFM: Antikörper vom 23.07.2022

Ausgabe vom 23.07.2022: Hybrid Moments

Mark Kowarsch, der Host of Trash von Antikörper, hat heute eine Menge neue Musik für euch dabei. Freut euch auf Panda Bear & Sonic Boom, Wire, Dead Tired, Liars, 24/7 Diva Heaven & Kadavar, The Master Plan, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Personal And The Pizzas, Mush, Chuckamuck, Zymt, Pisse, Guided By Voices, Trampled By Turtles, PLAIINS, Pabst und The Black Angels.


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1.  John McFarland / The Chimp And The Bumble Bee
Dark Exotica As Dug By Lux & Ivy Compilation / Cherry Red Records
2.  Panda Bear & Sonic Boom / Go On
Reset / Domino Records
3.  The Master Plan / Ooh Baby Ooh
Ooh Baby Ooh Single / Rum Bar Records
4.  Personal And The Pizzas / I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza
Raw Pie / Slovenly Recordings
5.  Zymt / Prestige Und Protein
Das Privileg Der Misanthropie / My Ruin Records / Spastic Fantastic Records
6.  Pisse / Komfortzone
Lambada EP / Phantom Records
7.  Wire / Oh No Not So (Save The Bullet)
Not About To Die (Studio Demos 1977-1978) / Pinkflag
8.  Trampled By Turtles / Burlesque Desert Window
Alpenglow / Thirty Tigers
9.  Guided By Voices / Goggles By Rank
Trembers And Goggles By Rank / Guided By Voices Inc.
10.  Mush / Grief Thief
Down Tools / Memphis Industries
11.  Chuckamuck / Mein Sommer Auf Dem Friedhof
beatles / Bretford Records
12.  Plaiins / Snvkes
SNVKES Single / Independent
13.  Dead Tired / Aging Out
Satan Will Follow You Home / New Damage Records
14.  Pabst / No Future, No Thanks
Crushed By The Weight Of The World / Ketchup Tracks
15.  The Black Angels / Firefly
Wilderness Of Mirrors / Partisan Records
16.  Liars / Mr. Your On Fire Mr.
They Throw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top / Mute Records
17.  24/7 Diva Heaven / Everyman (feat. Lupus Lindemann)
Everyman Single / Noisolution
18.  Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Boom Boom Boom
Toast / Reprise Records
19.  The Düsseldorf Düsterboys / Ab Und Zu
Duo Duo / Staatsakt
20.  No Age / Andy Helping Andy
People Helping People / Drag City