Antikörper Know Your Product

ByteFM: Antikörper vom 17.09.2022

Ausgabe vom 17.09.2022: Know Your Product

Mark Kowarsch, der Host of Trash von Antikörper, hat heute eine Menge neue Musik für euch dabei. Freut euch auf Meat Wave, Lobsterbomb, clipping, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, pogendroblem, Reverend Beat-Man & The Underground, Persher, Brutus, Debakel, Bogos, Christmas, Bad Decisions, Lombego Surfers, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Built To Spill, No Age, GG Allin & Antiseen, The Shadracks und J Prozac.


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1.  Bonnie 'Prince' Billy / Outsider
Outsider Single / Domino Records
2.  No Age / Trapped Out Before Scott
People Helping People / Drag City
3.  The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs / Know Your Product (Feat. Dirty Walt Kibby & John Wahl)
All The Covers (And More) / Rum Bar Records
4.  Bad Decisions / Playa De Los Peligros
Subnormal / Voodoo Rhythm Records
5.  Reverend Beat-Man And The Underground / Banned From The Internet
It's A Matter Of Time-The Complete Palp Session / Voodoo Rhythm Records
6.  Bogos / Whiskey And Cigar
Empty Bottles / Voodoo Rhythm Records
7.  Pogendroblem / Wie Betäubst Du Dich?
Alles Was Ich Hab Sind Meine Kompetenzen / Audiolith
8.  Meat Wave / Rediculous Car
Malign Hex / Big Scary Monsters
9.  Lobsterbomb / Lifeline
Lifeline Single / Duchess Box
10.  The Shadracks / Time Slips Away
The Sub Pop Singles Club Vol.7 / Sub Pop
11.  Brutus / Liar
Unison Life / Big Scary Monsters
12.  Christmas / 54/40 Or Fight
International Split EP / Tnsrcords
13.  Debakel / Die Manifestation
Die Manifestation 7'' / Rookie Records
14.  Persher / Ten Tiny Teeth
Man With The Magic Soap / Thrill Jockey
15.  J Prozac / Just Some Punk Songs
Won't Let Go / Rum Bar Records
16.  Lombego Surfers / It's All Over
The High Side / Flight13
17.  Gg Allin & Antiseen / I Love Nothing
Murder Junkies / Bang! Records
18  Clipping / Nothing Is Safe (Remix)
Clbbng Vol.1 Ep / Sub Pop
19  Built To Spill / Comes A Day
When The Wind Forgets Your Name / Sub Pop
20  Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Burning
Cool It Down / Secretly Canadian