Die Welt ist eine Scheibe 15.03.2011

ByteFM: Die Welt ist eine Scheibe vom 15.03.2011

Ausgabe vom 15.03.2011:

Buntes Indie-Pop Allerlei zum Frühlingsanfang. Gut gelaunt, chillig bis wavig. Mit Musik von neuen Alben von The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Papercuts, Lykke Li, Peter, Björn & John, Zoey van Goey, Those Dancing Days u.a.


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1.  Kakkmaddafakka / Restless
Hest / Bubbles
2.  Peter, Björn & John / Second Chance
Gimme Some / Cooking Vinyl
3.  Lykke Li / Youth knows no Pain
Wounded Rhymes / Warner
4.  Lykke Li / Rich Kid Blues
Wounded Rhymes / Warner
5.  Those Dancing Days / Fuckarias
Daydreams and Nightmares / Wichita
6.  Sea of Bees / Gnomes
Songs for Ravens / Heavenly Recordings
7.  Zoey van Goey / The Cake and eating it
Propeller versus Wings / Chemikal Underground
8.  Banjo or Freakout / Move out
S/t / Memphis Industries
9.  Papercuts / Do you really wanna know
Fading Parade / Sub Pop
10.  Papercuts / White are the Waves
Fading Parade / Sub Pop
11.  Pains of Being Pure at heart / Belong
Belong / Fortuna Pop/PIAS
12.  Pains of Being Pure at heart / Even in my dreams
Belong / Fortuna Pop/PIAS
13.  Chapman Family / Anxiety
Burn your town / Electric Toaster/PIAS
14.  Erland and the Carnival / Map of an Englishman
Nightingale / Full Time Hobby
15.  Malachai / Let `em fall
Return to the ugly side / Domino