Duftorgel Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

ByteFM: Duftorgel vom 25.03.2023

Ausgabe vom 25.03.2023: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Winner, winner, chicken dinner, that's the phrase,
when you've won it all, it's time to raise,
a glass to the glory, to the victory,
you've shown the world, that you're no mystery.

You've beaten the odds, you've fought the fight,
you've won the game, with all your might,
you've outsmarted, outplayed, outdone them all,
you've emerged victorious, standing tall.

Die Gewinner eines antibiotikafreien Hähnchenabendessen sind in dieser Ausgabe diese 13 von 99 musikalischen Looter:
Sumgii, Eusebeia, Alice Longyu Gao, Denham Audio, Neromun, Nepumuk, Capo Lee & El Londo, Trippie Redd & Kodak Black, Mach-Hommy, Surprise Chef (Yikes!) und Alan Fitzpatrick.

Wohl bekomms.


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1.  Sumgii / Mountain High
Oh Fish / Pewpewbaumbaum
2.  Eusebeia / Signs And Signals
Omen / Eusebeia
3.  Alice Longyu Gao / Come 2 Brazil
Come 2 Brazil (Single) / Âlïçė The Lâbel
Denham Audio / How Could I
Diamond Life 13 (Single) / 2023
Neromun / Last Pick
Lightskinned Wesley Snipes (Single) / Lauter Lauter // Plus Ultra
6.  Neromun / Gigi Type
Gigi Type (Single) / Lauter Lauter
7.  Nepumuk / Kommentarspaltung
Wir Haben Kein Plan B Aber Ein Trauma / Sichtexot Records
8.  Nepumuk / Hotel Der Zukunft
Wir Haben Kein Plan B Aber Ein Trauma / Sichtexot Records
9.  Capo Lee & El Londo / Smoke & Mirrors (feat. Arz)
Cost Of Living / Capo Lee
10.  Trippie Redd & Kodak Black / Colors
Mansion Musik / 1400 Entertainment, Inc. / 10K Projects
11.  Mach-Hommy / TTFN (Lashes Of Fire)
Fete Des Morts AKA Dia De Los Muertos / Mach-Hommy, Inc.
12.  Surprise Chef / Goldie’s Lullaby
Education & Recreation / Big Crown Records
13.  Surprise Chef / Pash Rash
Rosemary Hemphill (Single) / Big Crown Records
14.  Alan Fitzpatrick / Aura
Aura / Distance (Single) / We Are The Brave Records