Golden Glades 04.11.2009

ByteFM: Golden Glades vom 04.11.2009

Ausgabe vom 04.11.2009:

Leben und Tod

Wenn das Jahr zur Neige geht, wird es wieder einmal Zeit, die letzten Fragen zu stellen. Wie steht es um das Leben, was ist der Tod? Golden Glades antwortet ausweichend: You can¹t have one without the other. Vorschlag zur Güte: eine Stunde lang Leben, eine Stunde lang Tod. Mit dabei im Diesseits: The Make-Up, The Feelies und Talk Talk. Dahinscheidend oder -geschieden: The Thermals, Belle & Sebastian und McCarthy.


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1.  The Make-Up / Born On The Floor
I Want Some / K Records
2.  North Of America / The Life Of Fortitude
Elements Of An Incomplete Map / Rewika
3.  Viva Voce / Alive With Pleasure
The Heat Can Melt Your Brain / Full Time Hobby
4.  Saloon / The Good Life
If We Meet In the Future / Darla
5.  Get Set Go / My Wasted Life
Ordinary World / TSR Rec.
6.  The Feelies / It's Only Life
Only Life / Water
7.  The Shins / The Celibate Life
Oh, Inverted World / Sub Pop
8.  Holiday Shores / Edge Of Our Lives
Columbus'd The Whim / twosyllable
9.  Masha Qrella / One Life To Live
Speak Low - Loewe And Weill In Exile / Morr Music
10.  Everything But The Girl / The Spice Of Life
Eden / Warner
11.  Grizzly Bear / Slow Life
The Twilight Saga: New Moon / Atlantic
12.  The Beatles / In My Life
Rubber Soul / Apple
13.  Lights On / Ordinary Life
Waiting For The Heart To Beat / The Rebel Group
14.  Spoon / Back To The Life
Kill The Moonlight / 12XU
15.  Photons / Something Left to Live For
Photons EP / self-released
16.  Talk Talk / Life's What You Make It
The Colour of Spring / EMi
  Stunde 2:
1.  Sweet Sweet Concorde / Time To Die
Life In The Canopy / Series II
2.  The Thermals / When I Died
Now We Can See / Kill Rock Stars
3.  Kyle Fischer / Fetch A Coffin!
Black Milk / EndUp Records
4.  Portico / My Teenage Best Friend's Death In Welland
First Neighbours / Copperspine
5.  Belle & Sebastian / It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career
The Boy With The Arab Strap / Jeepster
6.  Reverie Sound Revue / You Don't Exist if I Don't See You
Reverie Sound Revue / Boompa
7.  The Dodos / Small Deaths
Time To Die / Wichita
8.  Teenage Fanclub / Cells
Man-Made / PeMa
9.  Laura Gibson / Funeral Song
Beasts Of Seasons / Hush
10.  McCarthy / The Funeral
That's All Very Well But / Cherry Red
11.  The Smiths / Cemetry Gates
The Queen Is Dead / Rough Trade
12.  The Octagon / Suicide Kings
Arm Brain Heart and Liver / self-released
13.  Hot Snakes / Suicide Invoice
Suicide Invoice / Swami
14.  Ra Ra Riot / Dying Is Fine
The Rhumb Line / Barsuk
15.  Black Hat Brigade / Zombie City Shake
Fathers EP / self-released
16.  The Got To Get Got / Gettin Dirty In The After Life
Sahalee / Noyes
17.  Wheat / Living to Die
White Ink, Black Ink / Rebel Group
18.  Ganglians / Something Should Be Said
Monster Head Room / Woodsist