Golden Glades Sonderlinge

ByteFM: Golden Glades vom 10.06.2015

Ausgabe vom 10.06.2015: Sonderlinge

„I'm forever on the outside.“ Die Person, die das singt, sieht sich also draußen, jenseits des Geschehens. Darum geht es in der heutigen Sendung – um Künstlerinnen und Künstler, die sich mit dem Outsidertum beschäftigen bzw. selbst im Abseits stehen.

Die Position des Sonderlings kann in der Musik ganz unterschiedliche Dinge bedeuten, vom autodidaktischen Geheimwissen über den visionären Entwurf bis hin zur rein geographischen Abgeschiedenheit. Wir hören uns das näher an, z.B. bei Jad Fair, Jim O’Rourke und Arthur Russell.


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1.  Jacco Gardner / Outside Forever
Hypnophobia / Full Time Hobby
2.  Django Django / Shake And Tremble
Born Under Saturn / Because Music
3.  De Lux / Oh Man The Future
Generation / Innovative Leisure
4.  Evil Arrows / The Sunday Mope
EP 5 / Evilarrows.Bandcamp.Com
5.  Evil Arrows / Imitation Isle
EP 5 / Evilarrows.Bandcamp.Com
6.  Powder / Flowers
Ka-Pow! An Explosive Collection 1967-68 / Big Beat
7.  Michael Angelo / Oceans Of Fantasy
Michael Angelo / Puppie World
8.  H. Hawkline / Dirty Dreams
In The Pink Of Condition / Heavenly
9.  Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin / Goal Mind
The High Country / Polyvinyl
10.  Parks, Squares And Alleys / Soft Clouds
Against Illusions And Reality / Parkssquaresandalleys.Bandcamp.Com
11.  Rain Collectors / Unless
Unless - Single / Raincollectors.Bandcamp.Com
12.  Mac Demarco / The Way You'd Love Her
Another One / Captured Tracks
13.  Jad Fair & Norman Blake / Your Smile
Yes / Joyful Noise
14.  Jimmy Whispers / I Get Lost In You In The Summertime
Summer In Pain / Moniker Records
15.  The Leisure Society / Nothing Like This
The Fine Art Of Hanging On / Full Time Hobby
16.  The Left Outsides / Always The Last To Know
The Shape Of Things To Come / Dawn Bird Records
17.  Folkal Point / Victoria Dines Alone
Folkal Point / Big Pink
  Stunde 2:
1.  Miaoux Miaoux / School Of Velocity
School Of Velocity / Chemical Underground
2.  Brendan Maclean / The Wifi Song (Featuring Neil Gaiman)
Thought I'd Cry For You Forever Ep / Brendanmaclean.Bandcamp.Com
3.  Showstar / Full Time Hobby
Self-Titled / Vespasonic
4.  The Dewars / Sucker For Your Hometown
All A Part Of The Show / Dewars.Bandcamp.Com
5.  Drinks / Hermits On Holiday
Hermits On Holiday / Birth Records
6.  Girlpool / Chinatown
Before The World Was Big / Wichita
7.  Marine Girls / Leave Me With The Boy
Lazy Ways / Beach Party / Cherry Red
8.  Tracey Thorn / Follow Me Down
Songs From 'The Falling' / Strange Feeling
9.  David Grubbs, Michael Evans / Photographed Laughing
Parallax Sounds / Just Temptation
10.  Jim O'Rourke / This Weekend
Simple Songs / Drag City
11.  Sam Cohen / Kepler 62
Cool It / Easy Sound
12.  Your Heart Breaks / The Echo And The Ocean
America / Yourheartbreaks.Bandcamp.Com
13.  Arthur Russell / That's Us/Wild Combination I Couldn't Say It To Your Face
Calling Out Of Context / Audika
14.  Arthur Russell
Love Is Overtaking Me / Rough Trade
15.  John Andrews & The Yawns / Don't Spook The Horses
Bit By The Fang / Woodsist
16.  Bablicon / Blu Hawaii
A Flat Inside A Fog / Pickled Egg