Karamba Wo ist Roy Molloy?

ByteFM: Karamba vom 16.12.2021

Ausgabe vom 16.12.2021: Wo ist Roy Molloy?

Heute unter anderem mit Musik von Nicolette, Better Person, Riki und Nalan.


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1.  Senseless Things / Different Tongues
The First Of Too Many / Epic Records
2.  Nalan / Be Mine, Pt. 1
I’m Good. The Crying Tape / Mansions And Millions Records
3.  Nalan / Falling 4 You
I’m Good. The Crying Tape / Mansions And Millions Records
4.  Nicolette / Song For Europe
Lert No One Live Rent Free In Your Head / Mercury Records
5.  Better Person / Zakochany Czlowiek
Zakochany Czlowiek (Single) / Mansions And Millions
6.  Stephanie / Irresistible
Irresistible (Single) / Carrere Records
7.  Sally Shapiro / I’ll Be By Your Side
Disco Romance / Diskokaine/Klein Records
8.  Alex Cameron / Sara Jo
Sara Jo (Single) / Secretly Canadian
9.  Riki / Florence &Selena
Gold / Dais Records
10.  DC Gore / California
California (Single) / Domino Recording Co.
11.  Gerry Rafferty / Baker Street
City To City / Parlophone Records
12.  Steve Marcus / Half A Heart
Tomorrow Never Knows / Vortex Records/Rhino
13.  Nina Simone / Sea Lion Woman (Ogris Debris Rmx)
Sea Lion Woman (Single) / Affine Records/White Label