Labelshow BPitch Control: Uncrat

ByteFM: Labelshow vom 20.10.2022

Ausgabe vom 20.10.2022: BPitch Control: Uncrat

As well as his self-professed love of pasta (he learned to make pasta bake with stringy mozarella during the pandemic) Uncrat has a healthy preoccupation with machines that make music. His prolific and intensive lockdown sessions, inspired by an array of synthesisers in his studio, led to the development of the Xilo EP. This is a heavy-hitting collection of music that melds electro sensibilities with the imposing power of techno, channelled through Uncrat’s distinct vision. 
The title cut opens this release, blending stirring pad work with a taut kick drum and a menagerie of bleeps and chirps. The rugged beats are juxtaposed with emotive strings to great effect, towards the end he adds a beautifully enchanting melody. ‘Effen’ utilises the familiar squelch of an acid line, along with unusual percussive elements and haunting progression to really send chills down your spine. 
‘Gemini Leaks’ embodies the contemporary electro sound, delivered in Uncrat’s own idiosyncratic way. The beats are rugged, with emotionally-charged strings and an earwork melody that enters the fray after a short breakdown. Finally ‘SIT’ loosely pays homage to DJ Rolando’s ‘Knights of the Jaguar’, with spinetingling strings sparking an overall feeling of euphoria. Bellissimo!