Popschutz Mal wieder Drama

ByteFM: Popschutz vom 09.11.2021

Ausgabe vom 09.11.2021: Mal wieder Drama

Mit neuer Musik von Charli XCX, Haai, Cooly G und Ludwig A.F.


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1.  Charli XCX / New Shapes (Feat. Christine And The Queens And Caroline Polachek)
Crash / Asylum Records
2.  Elkka / Voices
Harmonic Frequencies / Technicolour
3.  Ludwig A.F. / Blackbird
Blackbird / Exo Recordings Internationall
4.  Haai / Keep On Believing Spaventi Mix
The Sun Made For A Soft Landing / Mute
5.  Hassan Abou Alam / Unkindled
It Spills / Hassan Abou Alam
6.  Cooly G / We Can Find Love Too (Feat. Ruth Brown)
We Can Find Love Too / Hyperdub Records
7.  Paula Tape / Body Nature
Astro Turismo / Rhythm Section International
8.  Real Lies / Since I
Since I / Unreal
9.  Erika De Casier / Drama (Isabella Lovestory w Chicken Remix)
The Sensational Remixes / 4AD
10.  Glacci / Halcyon 44
Pure / Moonbbeams
11.  The Soft Pink Truth / We
Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? / Thrill Jockey
12.  Perila & Ulla / Every Something Is An Echo Of Nothing
Memories Of Log / Vaagner
13.  Perila / Falling Water Lullaby
Memories Of Log / Vaagner