Rock-Ola 04.11.2013

ByteFM: Rock-Ola vom 04.11.2013

Ausgabe vom 04.11.2013:

Schwarze Scheiben aus dem Jahr 1973: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jackson Browne, Lou Reed, 5th Dimension und andere.
Silberlinge aus 2013: The Sixxis, Pearl Jam, Headstones, New Model Army und The Barons of Tang.


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The Sixxis / Snake In The Grass
Get Ready / WBA
Pearl Jam / Sleeping By Myself
Lightning Bolt / Republic
Creedence Clearwater Revival / It Came Out Of The Sky
Willy & The Poor Boys / Fantasy
Jackson Browne / Red Neck Friend
For Everyman / Rhino
Jim Croce / Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
Photographs & Memories / Intercord
The Velvet Underground / Pale Blue Eyes
Velvet Underground / Polydor
Lou Reed / Berlin
Berlin / BMG HBG
Lou Reed / Men Of Good Fortune
Berlin / BMG HBG
Headstones / Astronaught
Love + Fury / Frostbyte Media Inc
10  New Model Army / Seven Times
Between Dog And Wolf / Edel
11  New Model Army / Pull The Sun
Between Dog And Wolf / Edel
12  The Barons Of Tang / Tin Can Alchemy
Into The Mouths Of Hungry Giants / Popup
13  The Barons Of Tang / Suitcase
Into The Mouths Of Hungry Giants / Popup
14  The 5th Dimension / Ashes To Ashes
The Very Best Of The Fifth Dimension / Camden