Rock-Ola Runde Geburtstage im Januar

ByteFM: Rock-Ola vom 25.01.2016

Ausgabe vom 25.01.2016: Runde Geburtstage im Januar

...hatten Clarence Carter, Robby Krieger, Aynsley Dunbar und Syd Barrett. Die Musik dazu kommt u.a. von The Doors, The Aynsley Dunbar Ratiliation, David Bowie und Pink Floyd.

Neu im Regal: Steven Wilson und Joe Sarakula


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Brainbox / To You
Single / Polydor
Clarence Carter / Tell Daddy
Single / Fame
Clarence Carter / Snatching It Back
Soul Deep
Clarence Carter / Patches
Single / Atlantic
The Doors / Tell All The People
The Soft Parade / Elektra
The Doors / Wishful Sinful
The Soft Parade / Elektra
The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation / Whiskey Head Woman
The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation / Liberty
David Bowie / See Emily Play
Pin Ups / Rca
Pink Floyd / Apples And Oranges
Relics + 8 / Emi
10  Pink Floyd / Candy And A Current Bun
Relics + 8 / Emi
11  Syd Barrett / No Good Trying
The Madcap Laughs / Harvest
12  Syd Barrett / Octopus
The Madcap Laughs / Harvest
13  Syd Barrett / Golden Hair
The Madcap Laughs / Harvest
14  Steven Wilson / My book of regrets
Single / K-Scope
15  Joe Sarakula / They Can't Catch Me
The Imposter / Elevate Music
16  Joe Sarakula / Hypnotised
The Imposter / Elevate Music