80Prozent Don't Hide Your Hate

ByteFM: 80Prozent vom 07.09.2021

Ausgabe vom 07.09.2021: Don't Hide Your Hate

Lass es zu! Lass es raus! Halte Deinen Hass nicht zurück! Hör 80Prozent! Wo Groll zu Utopie wird und andersrum! Diesmal mit Akne Kid Joe, Fluppe, Stick Figures, Filth, Jodie Faster, The Bugs und Eye Jammy.


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1.  Fluppe / Scotland Yard
Blüte / La Pochette Surprise
2.  Keine Zähne Im Maul Aber La Paloma Pfeifen / Dem Teufel Geld
Die Biellmann-Pirouette / Broken Silence
3.  Stick Figures / September
Archeology / Floating Mill
4.  Euromilliard / Aux Augets
Droit Dans Mes Bottes / Zero Defaut
5.  Akne Kid Joe / Die Hochzeit Von Meinem Cousin
Die Jungs Von AKJ / Kidnap Music
6.  Akne Kid Joe / Gestern, Heute, Morgen
Die Jungs Von AKJ / Kidnap Music
7.  Friendly Boyfriend / Gone For A Time
Pick Up / Happiest Place
8.  Neon Belly / The Boys Are Alright
Neon Belly / Fort Lowell
9.  Filth / Don't Hide Your Hate
Don't Hide Your Hate / Plurex
10.  Jodie Faster / Bad Mood & Black Coffee
(In)Complete Discography / Spastic Fantastic u.a.
11.  The Gutters / Laptop Pro
Should We Make A 7“ / Tadpole
12.  The Bugs / An Apolitical Song For Mick Jagger To Sing
Barbaric.Mystical.Bored / Hovercraft
13.  The Bugs / Silver Train (No.9)
The Bugs / Hovercraft
14.  Can Of Beans / Significant Other
Can Of Beans / Recess/Porchcore
15.  Stunted Youth / The Troops
We May Be Dumb But We Ain't Slow / Sound Grotesca
16.  Cretin Stompers / Penetrated By The Light
Cretin Stompers / Cretin Stompers
17.  Hot Snakes / Six-Wave Hold-Down
Jericho Sirens / Sub Pop
18.  Sweeping Promises / Safe Now
Hunger For A Way Out / Feel It
19.  Eye Jammy / Malcolm X
Playaz In Pain / Earth Girl
20.  Dillinger Four / Farts Are Jazz To Assholes
VA: Short Music For Short People / Fat Wreck Chords