For The Record Moods And Grooves

ByteFM: For The Record vom 14.05.2022

Ausgabe vom 14.05.2022: Moods And Grooves

Diesmal mit Jéan-Claude T., Maze feat. Frankie Beverly, Urban Tribe, Omar S, Marcellus Pittman, Jerry The Cat, Kelly Hand & K15.


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1.  Jéan-Claude T. / Nude And Next To Nature Theme
The Bicentennial Poet / Philadelphia International Records
2.  Maze / Twilight (feat. Frankie Beverly) (Remix)
Twilight (Single) / Capitol Records
3.  Urban Tribe / Covert Action
Covert Action (Single) / Planet E
4.  Omar S / My Momma & ‘Nem Said I Don’t Have To!!!
Can’t Change / FXHE Records
5.  Marcellus Pittman / You Want Me (Never)
You Want Me (Never) (Single) / Seventh Sign Recordings
6.  Jerry The Cat / Mating Ritual (Theo Parrish’s Beat Freak Mix)
Mating Ritual (Single) / Soiree Records International
7.  Omar S / Inner Luv (Instrumental Mix)
Can’t Change / FXHE Records
8.  K. Hand / Candle Lights
Candle Lights (Single) / Acacia Records
9.  Omar S / Can’t Change
Can’t Change / FXHE Records
10.  K15 / Tomorrow’s Promise
Tomorrow’s Promise (Single) / Sounds Familiar