Knuspern Akute Alliteraten

ByteFM: Knuspern vom 22.08.2021

Ausgabe vom 22.08.2021: Akute Alliteraten

„Eigentlich enorm!“, erklärte Eberhardt.

„Gradezu grandios“, gestikulierte Gerda.

„Obwohl….“, orientierte Orbison.

„Cacao-Capuccino!“ chansonierte Claire.

„Aber allesamt“, attestierte Arushi.

Jaco japste: „Jetzt?“

Karlo kalauerte: „Klaro!“

„Passt“, platzierte Peter. „Perfekt!“


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1.  Genevieve Murphy / Sitting In The Shadow Of The Bushes
I Don't Want To Be An Individual All On My Own / Unsounds
2.  Dean Hurley / Sky Tears
Concrete Feather / Boomkat Editions | Documenting Sound
3.  Arushi Jain / My People Have Deep Roots
Under The Lilac Sky / Leaving
4.  Claire Rousay / A Kind Of Promise
A Softer Focus / American Dreams Records
5.  Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Ole Morten Vågan / Dismay On Ice
Plastic Wave / ODIN Records
6.  William Parker / It's Alright
I Plan To Stay A Believer: The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield / Aum Fidelity
7.  L'Rain / Move On
Modern Love / BBE
8.  Pip Millett / Running feat. Ghetts
Motion Sick / Dream Life
9.  Dave / System feat. Wizkid
We're All Alone In This Together / Neighbourhood
10.  Joy Orbison / In Drink
Still Slipping Vol. 1 / XL Recordings
11.  Jaco Pastorius / Portrait Of Tracy
Jaco Pastorius / Epic
12.  Konstrukt feat. Thurston Moore / Kurtadam (Part II)
Turkish Belly / Karlrecords
13.  Melvins / Bouncing Rick
Working With God / Ipecac
14.  Wolfgang Mitterer / Temper
Temp Tracks / col legno
15.  Laurin Huber / A Town Is Not A Town
Dog Mountain / Hallow Ground
16.  Pita / Two Top Five
Get On / Editions Mego