Rock The Casbah Wooha!

ByteFM: Rock The Casbah vom 15.05.2023

Ausgabe vom 15.05.2023: Wooha!

In dieser Ausgabe geht es um Neues und Aktuelles von Extreme, Wolfgang Van Halen Mammoth WHV, Foo Fighters, The Hives, Rancid, The Gaslight Anthem, Bird's View, Plaiins, Off Lights, Smash Intop Pieces, Five Finger Death Punch,
Älteres von The Creation (wg. des 77. Geburstages des Bassisten Bob Garner), The Sisters Of Mercy (wg des 64. Geburtstages von Andrew Eldritch), außerdem eindringliche und verschärfte Konzert-/Tourneehinweise/Veranstaltungshinweise für Mammoth WVH, Bird's View und Five Finger Death Punch.



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1.  Extreme / #Rebel
Six / earMusic
2.  Mammoth WHV / Another Celebration At The End Of The World
Mammoth II / BMG Rights Management
3.  Foo Fighters / Rescued
But Here We Are / RCA Records / Sony
4.  The Creation / Making Time
We Are Paintermen / Hit-Ton
5.  The Hives / Bogus Operandi
The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons / Disques Hives
6.  Rancid / Tomorrow Never Comes
Tomorrow Never Comes / Epitaph
7.  The Gaslight Anthem / Positive Charge
Positive Charge (Single Track) / Rich Mahogany Recordings / Thirty Tigers
8.  Bird's View / Too Old
Red Light Habits / Drakkar Entertainment
9.  Plaiins / Wooha! (Speak Easyyy)
Wooha! EP / Plaiins
10.  Off Lights feat. Chris Adam of Smash Into Pieces / Into The Night
Into The Night (Single Track) / OMN Label Services
11.  Smash Into Pieces / The Tide
The Tide (Single Track) / Smash Into Pieces
12.  Five Finger Death Punch / Gold Gutter
Afterlife / Better Noise Records
13.  The Sisters Of Mercy / Temple Of Love 1992
A Slight Case Of Overbombing / EastWest