FreeQuency 07.06.2012

ByteFM: FreeQuency vom 07.06.2012

Ausgabe vom 07.06.2012:

Christian Grasse präsentiert frische Netzmusik. Unter anderem erwarten Euch Lo-Fi-Gitarrensounds, amtliche 80s-Vibes, hypermagische Elektroklänge und recycelte bzw. neu abgemischte Swing- und Jazzklassiker.


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Summerrays / Sunshine
V.A. Vacation Spirit
Observer Drift / Out Of Time
V.A. Vacation Spirit
Shy And The Fight / All That We See And Seem
Discarded Recorings
The Candy Strypers / Don't Forget Your Dreams / Eadrumspop
Decent Lovers / Year Of The Flame
Quit Trying
Magnetic Island / Don't Need It Now
Rotten Lily / Left Home Alone Teddybear
V.A. Eigenwilligkeiten / Unpicked
Marco Trovatello / Be Sweet
I Had To Let God To Be In Control Of All Things / Der Kleine Grüne Würfel
Hypermagic / Piffy On A Rock / Bad Panda Records
10  Colorful Lights / Sad Soul Circus / Bad Panda Records
11  Kochari / Every Day And Every Night
Better Ways Ep
12  Pandreas / Sirkel(Sag) / Bad Panda Records
13  Pierlo / Passion Unlimited (Beat To The Feeling 94 Version)
Can't Feel The Rhythm Ep / Up It Up Records
14  Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods / Under The Falling Stars
Time Travellers / Dusted Wax Kingdom
15  Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods / Interlude 2
Time Travellers / Dusted Wax Kingdom
16  Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods / The Vanishing
Time Travellers / Dusted Wax Kingdom