Rastplatz Krachgarten Only Lovers Left Alive

ByteFM: Rastplatz Krachgarten vom 25.01.2022

Ausgabe vom 25.01.2022: Only Lovers Left Alive

Im Rastplatz Krachgarten heute Musik von u. a. The Magic Lantern, Yasmine Hamdan, Another Sky, Wes Montgomery und Agnes Obel.


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1.  The Magic Lantern / Holding Hands
To the Islands / Hectic electric records
2.  Yasmine Hamdan / Shouei
Ya Nass / Kwaidan Records /Crammed Discs
3.  Yasmine Hamdan / Aleb
Ya Nass / Kwaidan Records /Crammed Discs
4.  Warpaint / Keep it healthy
Warpaint / Rough Trade Records
5.  Paul Simon / 50 Ways to leave your lover
Still crazy after all these years / Paul Simon / Sony Music
6.  The Beatles / Tomorrow never knows
Revolver (Remastered) / Apple Corps Ltd / Caiderstone Productions Ltd
7.  Wes Montgomery / Eleanor Rigby
A day in life / UMG Recordings / A&M Records
8.  Die Höchste Eisenbahn / Isi
Schau in den Lauf Hase / Tapete Records
9.  Big Thief / Time Escaping
Time Escaping / Big Thief / 4AD Ltd
10.  Another Sky / Life was coming through the Blinds
I slept on the floor / A Fiction Records / Universal Music
11.  Radiohead / Separator
The King of Limbs / LLLP LLP / XL Recordings
12.  Agnes Obel / It´s happening again
Citizen of Glass / Agnes Obel / PIAS
13.  The Bad Plus / Pound for Pound
Made possible / The Bad Plus
14.  The Bad Plus / Victoria
Made Possible / The Bad Plus