In Between Ears In Between Ears Extra: Dreams Pt. 1

ByteFM: In Between Ears vom 08.08.2020

Ausgabe vom 08.08.2020: In Between Ears Extra: Dreams Pt. 1

Zum Thema tragen bei: Lea W. Frey, Jean-Luc Ponty, Allen Toussaint, John Lennon, Bill Frisell, Nguyên Lê u. v. a.


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3 Im Roten Kreis / Dodo’s Dream
Nomansland / Jazznarts
Lea W. Frey / And Dream Of Sheep
How Soon Is Now / Traumton
Jean-Luc Ponty / Once Upon A Dream
Imaginary Voyage / Atlantic
Grant McLennan / Dream About Tomorrow
Watershed / Beggars Banquet
John Lennon / Number 9 Dream
Walls And Bridges / EMI
Allen Toussaint / Daydream
The Bright Mississippi / Nonesuch
Andy Summers / Dream Trains
Word Gone Strange / Private Music
Andreas Vollenweider / What If It Wasn't A Dream
Vox / Universal
Bill Frisell / Blues Dream
Blues Dream / Nonesuch
10  Nguyên Lê / Butterfly Dream
Walking On The Tiger's Tail / Act
11  John Taylor / Requiem For A Dreamer
Requiem For A Dreamer / Cam Jazz
12  Anthony Phillips & Andrew Skeet / The Stuff Of Dreams
Seventh Heaven / Floating World
13  Warren Haynes / Your Wildest Dream
Man In Motion / Mascot