60minutes Crash Into The Weekend

ByteFM: 60minutes vom 30.12.2023

Ausgabe vom 30.12.2023: Crash Into The Weekend

Letzte 60minutes anno 2023 … Playlist dieses Mal … geht so ein bisschen Richtung … jede Heimparty endet im Grande Finale in der Küche …

Grölend, im Gespräch vertieft, tanzen, Reste essen, Reste trinken …so ähnlich die Playlist … oder auch ganz anders …
Crash Into The Weekend … feat. The Hives, Fat Dog, Yard Act, My Ugly Celmentine, Royal Blood, QOTSA und andere Partypeoples.


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1.  The Hives / Crash Into The Weekend
The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons / Disque Hives
2.  Queens Of The Stone Age / Paper Machete
In Times New Roman... / Matador
3.  Geese / Mysterious Love
3D Country / Partisan Records/Play It Again Sam
4.  Moreish Idols / Nocturnal Creatures
Lock Eyes And Collide Ep / Speedy Wunderground
5.  Blush Always / Coming Of Age
You Deserve Romance / Embassy Of Music
6.  My Ugly Clementine / Feet Up
The Good Life / Bmg
7.  Royal Blood / The Firing Line
Back To The Water Below / Warner Music
8.  Smile / Herrengedeck
Price Of Progress / Siluh Records/Cargo
9.  Corinne Bailey Rae / New York Transit Queen
Peach Velvet Sky / Thirty Tiger
10.  Fat Dog / King Of The Slugs
King Of The Slugs / Domino
11.  Echt! / Cheesecake
Sink-Along / Sdban Ultra
12.  Idles / Dancer
Tangk / Partisan
13.  Yard Act / Dream Job
Where Is My Utopia? / Island Records
14.  Baxter Dury / Leon
I Thought I Was Better Than You / Heavenly Recordings
15.  The Düsseldorf Düsterboys / Trommel (Ep Version)
Trommel-Ep / Staatsakt
16.  Civic / Time Girl
Taken By Force / Ato Records
17.  The Hives / Trapdoor Solution
The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons / Disque Hives
18.  Lynks / New Boyfriend
New Boyfriend / Heavenly Recordings