Out Of Spectrum The Source Of All Things

ByteFM: Out Of Spectrum vom 31.10.2023

Ausgabe vom 31.10.2023: The Source Of All Things

Heute dabei: Basslinies mit Endea Owens & Lorez Alexandria, tripped out mit Muddy Waters und JJ Whitefield & Igor Zhukovsky plus Spritual Jazz made in Germany von Web Web x Max Herre.


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1.  Greenwood Rhythm Coalition / Reina De Las Vampiras
Digital / Names You Can Trust
2.  Alpacas Collective / Movéfèzè (Extended Instrumental)
Digital / Catalpas Records
3.  Stro Elliot / Monday's Generation
La Villa / Bandcamp
4.  Muddy Waters / Tom Cat
Electric Mud / Cadet
5.  JJ Whitefield & Igor Zhukovsky / One Hand Clap
Two Tales For The Mind Vol.2 / Broc Recordz
6.  East Coast Love Affair / Miracles
12” / Athens Of The North
7.  Close Counters / I Want You
Digital / Bandcamp
8.  Lawne / Beta Pan
Digital / WahWah45‘s
9.  Espen Horne / Den Franske Gitaren feat. Aich
The Anatomy Of Serene Eloquence / WahWah45‘s
10.  Yaşar Akpençe / Desert Wind
Passion Percussion, Vol. 2 / Hot Casa Records
11.  Endea Owens / Miss Celie's Blues
Feelgood Music / Bandcamp
12.  Lorez Alexandria / Baltimore Oriole
7” / Jazzman
13.  Web Web x Max Herre / Perennial Journey
Web Max II / Compost Records
14.  Web Web x Max Herre / The Source Of All Things feat. Marja Burchard (Embryo)
Web Max II / Compost Records