Rock The Casbah Cover Me, Vol. 3

ByteFM: Rock The Casbah vom 11.04.2017

Ausgabe vom 11.04.2017: Cover Me, Vol. 3

In dieser Ausgabe geht es um willkürlich zusammengestellte und zusammengesuchte Cover-Versionen von Rhinobucket, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Sid Presley Experience, Cheap Trick, Les Negresses Vertes, Todd Rundgren, Brian Setzer, Bad Religion, Leopold And His Fiction, Living Colour, Vanilla Fudge, Bill Gibbons, Madsen und Weezer.

Außerdem eindringliche Konzert/Tournee-Hinweise für The Jesus And Mary Chain.


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1.  Rhinobucket / This Ain´t Heaven
Get Used To It / Reprise / WEA
2.  The Jesus And Mary Chain / The Two Of Us
Damage And Joy / Artificial Plastic Records
3.  The Sid Presley Experience / Cold Turkey
Single / Sid Presley Experience Records
4.  Cheap Trick / The (In)Crowd
Bang – Zoom – Crazy... - Hello / Big Machine Records / Universal
5.  Les Negresses Vertes / Pretty Vacant
Green Bus / Razzia Disques / Delabel / Virgin
6.  Todd Rundgren / Personality Crisis
(Re)Production / Gigatone
7.  Brian Setzer / Fliyn' Saucer Rock And Roll
Rockabilly Riot! Vol. One / A Tribute To Sun Records / Surfdog Records
8.  Bad Religion / It´s All Over Now Baby Blue
Chimes Of Freedom / The songs Of Bob Dylan (Honouring 50 Years Of Amnesty International) / Amnesty International / Fontana
9.  Leopold And His Fiction / If You Gotta Go, Go Now
Darling Destroyer / The Independent Label Alliance
10.  Living Colour / Tomorrow Never Knows
Collideøscope / Mayan Records / Sanctuary Group
11.  Vanilla Fudge / Rock And Roll
Out Through The In Door / Escapi Music
12.  Billy Gibbons / Oh Well
Just Tell Me That You Want Me - A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac / Hear Music / Concord Music Group
13.  Madsen / Matula Hau mich Raus
Oh, Dieser Sound – Stars Spielen Superpunk / Tapete Records
14.  Weezer / Paranoid Android
Studio Live Session / Weezer