Antikörper No. 48

ByteFM: Antikörper vom 18.09.2020

Ausgabe vom 18.09.2020: No. 48

In der heutigen 48. Antikörper Sendung gibt es neue Musik von Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine, Bright Eyes, Bob Mould, Kala Brisella, Bad Religion, Bikini Beach, MDC, Urlaub In Polen, clipping, und Daily Thompson, dazu noch Hits, Klassiker und Lieblingslieder von The Jean Paul Sartre Experience, Eleventh Dream Day, The Chills, Folk Implosion, Crass und The Clean.


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1.  Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine / Taliban USA
Tea Party Revenge Porn / Alternative Tentacles
2.  MDC / Chicken Squawk
Millions Of Dead Cowboys / Twisted Chords
3.  Bright Eyes / Calais To Dover
Down In The Weeds Where The World Once Was / Dead Oceans
4.  Clipping. / Say The Name
Visions Of Bodies Being Burned / Sub Pop Records
5.  Crass / Banned From The Roxy (Unfuck The World Steve Aoki Remix)
The Feeding Of The 5000 Remixed / Crass Records
6.  Urlaub In Polen / Impulse Response
All / Tapete Records
7.  Kala Brisella / Working Star
Lost In Labour / Tapete Records
8.  Folk Implosion / Natural One
Kids OST / London Records
9.  The Jean Paul Sartre Experience / Loving Grapevine
The Jean Paul Sartre Experience / Flying Nun Records
10.  The Chills / Pink Frost
Pink Frost Single / Flying Nun Records
11.  The Clean / Thumbs Off
Boddle Boddle Boddle / Flying Nun Records
12.  Bikini Beach / Atoll
Atoll / La Pochette Surprise Records
13.  Bob Mould / Baby Needs A Cookie
Blue Hearts / Merge Records
14.  Bad Religion / Lose Your Head (Demo Version)
Lose Your Head (Demo Version) / Epitaph
15.  Eleventh Dream Day / Between Here And There
Beet / Atlantik Records
16.  Daily Thompson / Sad Frank
Oumuamua / Noisolution