Kontrabass Different Places Different Faces

ByteFM: Kontrabass vom 19.02.2023

Ausgabe vom 19.02.2023: Different Places Different Faces

Heute mit Musik von De La Soul, Lojii, Renelle 893, King Kashmere, Mike, Wiki, The Alchemist, Kartonpiyer, Homeboy Sandman, Avantdale Bowling Club, Ezra Collective, Kojey Radical, Kelela, Mr. Ho, Dana Ruh und Fred P.


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1.  De La Soul / Supa Emcees
Stakes Is High / Tommy Boy
2.  Lojii / Keep It Real
Taurus EP / Lojii
3.  Renelle 893, King Kashmere / My Demons
Single / High Focus Record
4.  MIKE / Concrète feat. King Carter
Beware Of The Monkey / 10k
5.  Wiki, The Alchemist, MIKE / Be Realistic
One More / ALC
6.  Kartonpiyer / Law Of Attraction feat. Homeboy Sandman
Single / Kartonpiyer
7.  Avantdale Bowling Club / Trees
Trees / Years Gone By
8.  Avantdale Bowling Club / Friday Night @ The Liquor Store
Trees / Years Gone By
9.  Ezra Collective / No Confusion feat. Kojey Radical
Where I‘m Meant To Be / Partisan Records
10.  Kelela / Contact
Raven / Warp Records
11.  Mr. Ho / 000baby (alt mix)
Michaelsoft / Klasse Wrecks
12.  Dana Ruh / TJ Mornings
Different Places Different Faces / Smallville
13.  Dana Ruh / LA Nights
Different Places Different Faces / Smallville
14.  Fred P / In The Flow
States Of Bliss / Private Society
15.  Fred P / Art Life Music Tribal Dub
States Of Bliss / Private Society
16.  Dana Ruh / Reach Out For Me
Different Places Different Faces / Smallville