ByteFM zur Nacht 04.04.2019

ByteFM: ByteFM zur Nacht vom 04.04.2019

Ausgabe vom 04.04.2019:

;1. Stunde: Frank-A-Delic mit Frank Spilker;;;;
00:00;Vampire Weekend;Harmony Hall;;;
00:05;Frittenbude;Die Dunkelheit Darf Niemals Siegen (Feat. Jörkk Mechenbier);;;
00:10;Ex Hex;Diamond Drive;;;
00:13;Billie Eilish;Bad Guy;;;
00:20;Sleaford Mods;Kebab Spider;;;
00:24;Mountain Man;Baby Where You Are;;;
00:26;Lana Del Rey;Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have - But I Have It;;;
00:32;Claire Laffut;La Fessée;;;
00:35;Angela Aux;Killer Kid;;;
00:38;Billie Eilish;8;;;
00:41;Gudrun Gut;Startup Loch;;;
00:50;Bilderbuch;Europa 22;;;
;2. Stunde: Hidden Tracks mit Kai Bempreiksz;;;;
01:00;The Cakekitchen;King Of The Underdogs;;;
01:05;David Yetton;Baby Steps (Demo);;;
01:08;Jean-Paul Sartre Experience;I Like Rain;;;
01:14;Lucille Furs;Another Land;;;
01:17;Small Feet;Let The Guys Down;;;
01:21;The Olivia Tremor Control;Hideway;;;
01:23;E.T. Explore Me;Let Me In;;;
01:27;Black Midi;Speedway;;;
01:30;Guided By Voices;Photo Range Within;;;
01:33;Robert Pollard;Pain;;;
01:34;Guided By Voices;Time Remains In Central Position;;;
01:37;Vital Idles;Rustle Rustle;;;
01:39;Truth Club;Not An Exit;;;
01:43;The Monkees;She Hangs Out;;;
01:46;Scott Walker;Mathilde;;;
01:49;Scott Walker;Funeral Tango;;;
01:53;Mark Hollis;Inside Looking Out;;;
;3. Stunde: Urban Landmusik mit Knut Benzner;;;;
02:00;Tedeschi Trucks Band;Midnight In Harlem;;;
02:08;Brent Moyer;Sure Felt That Way;;;
02:12;George Strait;The Weight Of The Badge;;;
02:17;George Strait;Sing One With Willie;;;
02:21;Marina & The Kats;Say What?;;;
02:25;KT Tunstall;Invisible Empire;;;
02:30;Reese Wynans And Friends;Sweet Release;;;
02:38;Hannah Köpf;Cinnamon;;;
02:45;Screamin' Jay Hawkins;I Love Paris;;;
02:50;Screamin' Jay Hawkins;Yellow Coat;;;
02:52;Screamin' Jay Hawkins;Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle;;;
02:56;John Coltrane Quartet;You Don't Know What Love Is;;;
;4. Stunde: Ground Control mit Julia Nordholz;;;;
03:00;Anubian Lights;Hot Sand;;;
03:04;The Shacks;Sand Song;;;
03:06;Frank Zappa;Lemme Take You To The Beach;;;
03:10;Moomin;Au Bord De La Mer;;;
03:17;The Jimi Hendrix Experience;Castles Made Of Sand;;;
03:20;Johannes Albert;Beach Reach;;;
03:28;Sebb Junior;Beach;;;
03:32;Black Loops;Under the Sea;;;
03:40;Pacific Coliseum, Manuel Darquart;Beach Runner (Manuel Darquart Balearic Remix);;;
03:46;Palms Trax;To Paradise;;;
03:51;Neil Young & Crazy Horse;Cowgirl in the Sand;;;;;[[space]];;;;
;5. Stunde: Verstärker mit Dirk Böhme;;;;
04:00;Marvin Gaye;You're The Man (Pt. I & II);;;
04:08;Marvin Gaye;Where Are We Going?;;;
04:12;Donald Byrd;Where Are We Going?;;;
04:17;Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge;Better Endeavour;;;
04:21;Joy Postell;Consciousness;;;
04:25;Joy Postell;Water;;;
04:30;The Comet Is Coming;Super Zodiac;;;
04:34;Paul Johnson;Get Get Down;;;
04:39;Bohannon;Me And The Gang;;;
04:45;Marvin Gaye;Checking Out (Double Clutch);;;
04:50;Marvin Gaye;Woman Of The World;;;
04:54;Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge;Black Beacon;;;
04:58;Marvin Gaye;The World Is Rated X;;; [[space]];;;;
;6. Stunde: Sounds Outta Range mit Norman Müller;;;;
05:00;Yuko Ohtaki;Warming Up;;;
05:05;Yuki Nakayamate;Secrets (9 To 4);;;
05:10;Yoko Hatanaka;More Sexy;;;
05:15;Yumi Murata;Watashi No Bus;;;
05:21;Yoshio Suzuki;Valpolicella;;;
05:27;The Voice & Rhythm;Vitamin Z;;;
05:32;Rie Murakami;T.N.T.;;;
05:37;Vizion;Somebody's Getting To You;;;
05:41;Yuji Toriyama & Ken Morimura;Night Together;;;
05:47;Yoshiyuki Ohsawa;Slow Dance;;;
05:51;Exotics;Nobody Livin' Here;;;
05:56;Ken Kobayashi;Koi No Jigsaw Puzzle;;;


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