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ByteFM: Was ist Musik vom 07.10.2018

Ausgabe vom 07.10.2018: Ältere weiße Männer mit Saiteninstrumenten...

...haben's ja nicht leicht heutzutage, deshalb heute eine Stunde mit älteren weißen Männer mit Saiteninstrumenten. Der noch dazu recht kernige William Elliott Whitmore aus Lee County, Iowa ist dabei mit seinem neuen, inzwischen siebten Album Kilonova, von dem sein Chicagoer Label Bloodshot behauptet, es sei anders als alle anderen. Naja. Das sagt William Elliott Whitmore selbst:

“In the journey of going from being a lover and fan of music, into being a creator of music, I've never lost the feeling of wonderment in hearing a great song. Like most people, I enjoy lots of different kinds. From the country music I grew up on thanks to my parents, to the punk rock and avant-garde bands I would discover later, it just always makes me feel good to hear a great song.”

Also covert er sich durch die Weltgeschichte, Bill Withers und die Magnetic Fields, Dock Boggs und Captain Beefheart. Nathan Bowles wiederum covert Julie Driscoll, was schon mal für ihn spricht. Bill Callahan, der Mann, dem wir Smog verdanken, sagt über Nathan Bowles:

“Nathan is brainy and bookish and likes whiskey. He has that intense air that can fall away to mirth. His approach to music appears curious, knowledgeable, playful, intuitive, still. He knows he has a thing going on, and that he can apply that thing to things! To many different things. Maybe that thing is the grand blankness of seeing everything at once. Or maybe it is a pinhole vision that soothes and subjects in its narrowness. I think these new songs nurture their dialectic opposites, and that is their appeal—the drone has the aspect of melody, the melody has the aspect of drone. I don’t think Nathan has ever ridden a dolphin, but I think if faced with the task he would cotton quick. That’s how I see his approach to his music.”

Außerdem: Was Dave Pajo alias Papa M über Arvo Pärts "Spiegel im Spiegel" zu sagen hat, und wie Papa M sich Arvo Pärts "Spiegel im Spiegel" aneignet.

Wie Phosphorescent Folkrock mit Autotune bekanntmacht.


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1.  Papa M / A Lighthouse Reverie
A Broke Moon Rises / Drag City
2.  Nathan Bowles / Now If You Remember
Plainly Mistaken / Bloodshot
3.  Julie Tippetts / Now If You Remember
Sunset Glow / Polydor
4.  Nathan Bowles / Elk River Blues
Plainly Mistaken / Bloodshot
5.  Smog / Dress Sexy At My Funeral
Dongs Of Sevotion / Drag City
6.  William Elliott Whitmore / Bat Chain Puller
Kilonova / Bloodshot
7.  William Elliott Whitmore / Fear Of Trains
Kilonova / Bloodshot
8.  The Magnetic Fields / Fear Of Trains
The Charme Of The Highway Strip / Merge
9.  Papa M / Spiegel Im Spiegel
A Broke Moon Rises / Drag City
10.  Arvo Pärt Performed by Jürgen Kruse (Piano) and Benjamin Hudson (viola) / Spiegel Im Spiegel
Spiegel Im Spiegel / DG