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Was ist Musik James Luther Dickinson

ByteFM: Was ist Musik vom 30.08.2009

Ausgabe vom 30.08.2009: James Luther Dickinson

Gott hab' ihn Zelig James Luther Dickinson, November 15, 1941 - August 15, 2009

"I only met Jim once. We were on a panel about producing with a bunch of guys talking about ‘pre-production’, ‘hooks’, Pro-Tools and ‘layering’. He and I sat at the curmudgeon end of the table and I will always love him for saying that the only conditions under which he would produce a new band was if he ‘didn’t have to go see them play’ and if the ‘first time he met them was in the studio for the session’. Spontaneity was all with Jim Dickinson, may he rest in peace."
Comment by Joe Boyd — August 16, 2009 @ 1:49 pm

"Dickinson was one of those Zelig-like legends you couldn’t help being intrigued: how could one man have played on Aretha’s Spirit in the Dark and Dylan’s Time Out of Mind and the Stones’ Sticky Fingers AND produced Big Star and the Replacements and Primal Scream?! Well, he did, is all we know. I never met the man but did two immensely entertaining and enlightening phoners with him, one about Atlantic Records and the other about Alex Chilton. He truly grasped the magic and madness of rock and roll and soul and the people who make that music."
Comment by Barney Hoskyns — August 19, 2009 @ 2:05 am

"I may have first met Jim Dickinson at South X Southwest in Austin, Texas. This was circa 1994, when Luther and Cody Dickinson (along with bassist Paul Taylor) were playing as D.D.T., a Stooges/Black Flag-influenced power trio. The boys also backed Dad at his own SXSW gig, and when Luther began tuning his guitar between numbers, Jim gently admonished him: “Son, I’ve told you many times: Tuning is decadent, European, and homosexual.” Naturally, this exchange took place on stage at Chances — at that time, Austin’s leading (only?) lesbian bar!"
Comment by Andy Schwartz — August 20, 2009 @ 9:50 pm

Spirale der Erinnerung

Delta Experimental Projects Compilation Volume 2: Spring Poems – A Collection of Songs From The Motion Picture Soundtracks Arranged And Conducted by James Luther Dickinson World Boogie is coming!

So steht es auf der Rückseite dieser Schallplatte, die 1990 auf Fan Club erschien, einem Sublabel der Pariser Firma New Rose (r.i.p.). Unter der Prophezeiung des kommenden World Boogie steht das Foto von James Luther Dickinson.

Blue Jeans, Jeansjacke, offenes Hemd über Motiv-T-Shirt, Sonnenbrille, Base-Cap rückwärts, so steht er vor einer Backsteinmauer, könnte auch Dennis Hopper in mittleren Jahren sein oder Camper Van Crackers David Lowery in seiner FSK-Zeit, eine Zeit, als auch FSK an etwas arbeiteten, das man seinerzeit World Boogie hätte nennen können, im Sinne von Disco Boogie around the world. Fortsetzung im ByteFM Blog

Otha Turner's Rising Star Fife and Drum Band
Lesa Aldridge
The Jesters
Flash & The Memphis Casuals
The Avengers
Tav Falco & Panther Burns
Mud Boy & The Neutrons
Sonic Boom
Spectrum meets Captain Memphis
William Eggleston
Bonnie Prince Billie


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1.  Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis / The Old Cow Died
Indian Giver / Birdman
2.  James Luther Dickinson / Southern Dust
Spring Poems / Fanclub
3.  Aretha Franklin / Spirit In The Dark
Spirit In The Dark / Atlantic
4.  James Luther Dickinson / Oh How She Dances
Dixie Fried / Atlantic
5.  Tav Falco Panther Burns / Poor Man
Tav Falco Panther Burns / New Rose
6.  Raisins In The Sun / I Taught Her Everything
Raisins In The Sun / Rounder
7.  Otha Turner’s Rising Star Fife And Drum Band / Glory Hallelujah
It Came From Memphis / Upstart
8.  Lesa Aldridge / That’s The Story Of My Life
It Came From Memphis / Upstart
9.  The Jesters / Cadillac Man
It Came From Memphis / Manteca
10.  Flash & The Memphis Casuals / Uptight Tonight
It Came From Memphis / Upstart
11.  The Avengers / Batarang Batarang Batarang
It Came From Memphis / Upstart
12.  Tav Falco & Panther Burns / Tina The Go Go Queen
It Came From Memphis / Manteca
13.  Mud Boy & The Neutrons / Power To The People
Negro Streets At Dawn / New Rose
14.  Rolling Stones / Wild Horses
Sticky Fingers / Decca
15.  Jim Dickinson With Chuck Prophet And The Creatures Of Habit / Fräulein
A Thousand Footprints In The Sand / Last Call
  <B>Stunde 2 :<B>
1.  The Replacements / Alex Chilton
Pleased To Meet Me / Warner
2.  Big Star / Kangaroo
Third / Sister Lovers / Ryko
3.  Chris Bell / I Am The Cosmos
I Am The Cosmos / Ryko
4.  Alex Chilton / Hey! Little Child
Like Flies On Sherbert / Line
5.  Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn / Freedom
Cubist Blues / Last Call
6.  Spacemen 3 / Suicide
Playing With Fire / Rough Trade
7.  Suicide / Dream Baby Dream
The Second Suicide Album / Blast First
8.  Sonic Boom / Rock And Roll Is Killing My Life
Invitation To Suicide / Munster
9.  Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis / Take Your Time
Indian Giver / Birdman
10.  Mudhoney / Revolution
This Gift / Sub Pop
  <B>Stunde 3 :<B>
2.  James Luther Dickinson / John Brown
Dixie Fried / Atlantic
3.  James Luther Dickinson / The Great Big Fish
Spring Poems / Fanclub
4.  Bob Dylan / Lovesick
Time Out Of Mind / Columbia
5.  James Luther Dickinson / The Course Of The Alpha Stone
Spring Poems / Fanclub
6.  James Luther Dickinson / Painters Of The South
Spring Poems / Fanclub
7.  Tate County Singers ft. Otha Turner And The Afrossippi Allstars / Jesus On The Mainline
Delta Experimental Project Vol 3 / Birdman
8.  Sleepy John Estes, Ry Cooder, James Luther Dickinson / Blind Man In Tear Gas
Delta Experimental Project Vol 1 / Birdman
9.  Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis / The Lonesome Death Of Johnny Ace
Indian Giver / Birdman
10.  Johnny Ace / Pledging My Love
Backline Vol 14 / Line
11.  James Luther Dickinson / Samba De Orfeo
Jungle Jim & Voodoo Tiger / Memphis Industries
12.  William Eggleston / Selection From Symphony # 4: Bonnie Prince Charlie
It Came From Memphis / Upstart
13.  Bonnie Prince Billie / For Every Field There’s A Mole
Lie Down In The Light / Domino
14.  Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis / Hey Man
Indian Giver / Birdman